Friday, November 23, 2012

My ever-expanding ass

The holiday season is about to begin and that means lots of food, friends, and parties. Better yet, it also means some time off of school! This week, I have a few days off for Thanksgiving. It will give me time to work on some projects and papers in between the dinners, brunches, and leftovers.

Remember my previous theme of marking time? Thanksgiving is a marking point! There's about 3 1/2 weeks of the term left. I've got 2 major delivereables still on my plate: a paper based mainly on an interview with the awesome Artistic Director of the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company and the Samuel Adams marketing project I've been working on all semester. Basically, I've got about 3 more weeks of sitting on my ass at the computer. Ah! My ever-expanding ass.

3 more weeks and I can get my life back, at least temporarily! I can go to the gym...back to abs class, back to boxing class, back to some kickboxing classes! I'll be able to stop the expansion of my ass, my hips, my belly...OK, I admit it, it's getting to me. Normally, I have a better perspective. Normally, I can sit back and realize that all this extra on my body is just temporary, that I will be able to do something about it soon, just not now. Today, I have a less positive perspective. I'm feeling caught up in the cycle of weight loss and gain. It's seeming less hopeful today. It's probably just a mood...a phase. A little bit of something that I have to just push through and remember my priorities and that the semester is almost over.

And when the semester is over, then the year is almost over. And when the year is over, I can really get back to the gym. It will take time, but I'll be able to get my body back into the shape that I like. I'll be able to climb stairs without huffing and puffing. My fat pants will once again be too big. And I'll stop my ass from expanding faster than the universe.

salad with beef and barley soup
rich chocolate cake for a snack

yogurt for dinner

hot breakfast
 salad and sushi


Cheese danish from Green T Coffeeshop
Tasty burger with a 50/50 basket


You'll be happy to know that the apple didn't get eaten...and that the French vanilla muffin was delicious!
 office party salad and vegetable lasagna
 chocolate mousse cake at the office party
 raw fish!!
 pork and shrimp shumai
 lots-o-rolls...mine's the white tiger, but the jalapeno was good too!
spicy salmon


buttermilk pancakes, fresh Vermont syrup, chicken sausage and fresh fruit
chicken, broccoli, and corn...on one of my Thanksgiving plates!!!


a reappearance of the pancakes 
 marshmallow's not even Thanksgiving yet!


Back to a normal breakfast?
 And a normal lunch?
 Nachos have been normalized...
Definitely NOT normal...lamb, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans. It was my first time making lamb chops. Not bad for a first try! Tasted like camel.

granola, yogurt, and berries
 chocolate chip...1 of 2 really
 Firehouse Salad
Curry feast!!!
Chicken curry, eggplant curry, chick peas and coconut, beets and coconut, and rice with vegetables

Again, a meal too good for a small photo.


cinnamon bun while riding the T

Velveeta shells and cheese...don't judge me.

Sushi from Bon Chon...gotta say, it was good, but I don't recommend it. The salmon sashimi was previously (read: still) frozen and the service was insane slow!

HOWEVER, This roll in the front, the PINK FLOYD roll, was yummers!!!! And I would order it again, if only for the name.

Alas, I have no Thanksgiving photos to show you all. Suffice it to say that there was turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mushy peas, candied sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts with candied pecans and too many desserts to keep track of! And, yes, I ate so much that I don't expect I'll want to eat again for a few days.

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