Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday morning haiku - on Monday

Sunday morning haiku:

Thanksgiving is past
I travel to Orlando
Another time-mark

That's right, folks! I'm a poet, don't I know it! Seriously, my trip to Orlando is one more mark in time to get me to the end of the term. One step closer to graduation! Which, I might add, is only 165 days away as of today.

The funny thing about Thanksgiving? It's one of the only times of the year that I think it's acceptable to eat leftovers. Yup. I don't like leftovers. I'll begrudgingly eat them, but for the record, I'm completely against it. Anyway, thanks to the leftovers, I managed to not be hungry for over two days! And by not hungry, I mean completely stuffed. As in uncomfortably full. Talk about a first world problem, right?

Now that the holiday is done though, it doesn't mean that I get a break. There's homework and papers still to be done. This is crunch time with my marketing project! About three more weeks though, then I get a break. Right now, it's survival mode. Right now, it's all about getting through and maintaining some semblance of sanity. Right now, it's about finding some coffee at the airport.


Admit it, you had pie and ice cream for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving too. Didn't you?
This is as close as you'll get to seeing my Thanksgiving dinner. The dreaded leftovers!
more pie!


the first remotely low calorie thing to pass my lips in days
ham leftovers from a friend's Thanksgiving, sweet potatoes and peas from another meal, and cranberry sauce from my Thanksgiving
pie and ice cream with whipped topping!


burger and fries at Gatorland

If you've never been to Gatorland, I definitely recommend it!! And yes, you can eat alligator at Gatorland. I chose not to, it didn't seem right.
 Much needed coffee!!!! I got up arount 3:30am...I could barely keep my eyes open by 9:30pm!
 Unlimited salad and bread sticks at the Olive Garden. I had 2 of each.
Spaghetti and meat sauce with meat balls at the Olive Garden

PS---I really did write this on Sunday. I was simply too tired to post last night after getting up so early, and then spending the day in the Florida sun with the Gators!

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