Friday, November 4, 2011

Lots of Photos!

Doing my best to recreate my food...


I've been doing cereal...too lazy/tired to make food...
 Panera for lunch!
A little Chocolate Therapy and Coconut 7 Layer Bar
Cheeseboy!!!! School project, really! Ham and american on whole grain with tomato soup.


Eggs with broccoli, red pepper, yellow squash and cheese, oatmeal bread toast with strawberry jam.
 Pizza, brownie, soda...
Pizza theme??? With salad this time!


Dinner salad...I have no idea what I did with the photos of my other meals...


OK, my new variation on the Breakfast Power Sandwich...add tomato and fresh spinach! Yummers!!! I posted this idea to Panera's FB page and even they said it sounded good.
 Chicken curry with long grain and wild rice, broccoli and corn...our cafeteria does some darned good curry, but they never make basmati or jasmine rice to go with it. What gives?  A little bit of trail mix on the side...cashews, almonds, chocolate and raisin.

Pretty standard salad for dinner...there was also a barley salad with some chopped veggies that I did not camera beeps and class had already started.


Cereal for breakfast...I also had a vanilla almond biscotti
Back to Cheeseboy!!!! Multigrain bread with provolone, pepperoni, onion, tomato, red pepper and basil...with tomato soup on the side!
 Pomegranate soda at Maggiano's!
 Gotta love calamari!
 Chopped salad
Spaghetti and meatball in meat sauce from Maggiano's

I got a scoop of Chocolate Therapy and Coconut 7 Layer Bar ice cream after dinner...

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