Thursday, November 10, 2011

What's your plan?

YAY!!!! It's a long weekend!!! That means temptation, temptation, temptation!! It means very little structure to my day, it means getting off a regular eating pattern when I'm not really on one to start with...BUT, it also means lots of opportunity for small wins!!! What's a small win? Well, it's finding something small over the weekend that I can do right...something that is part of what I should be doing when I'm doing multiple things right...something that I can look back on and think, 'Wow! I did that right, even in a time of challenge!' I'll be able to look back and think, if I can do that right when things are tough, then I can certainly do more when things are easy.

So, what I need to do is have a plan. A plan allows me to pre-decide. It takes the effort out of choice. It goes back to the Rider and the Elephant. I need to shape the Path that each will follow so that my Rider doesn't get exhausted trying to control my Elephant. The desire for ice cream and chocolate can be a very powerful pull. So what am I going to pre-decide? How am I going to shape the path so my Rider doesn't get exhausted?

I think I'll start by doing some loose planning. I'm going to take some time tonight to think about how I'd like my day to go tomorrow. I'd like to get an early start, so I'll probably get up early and head to Panera for breakfast. I'd like to work-out and get some reading done, so I'll bring my readings for next week's classes and my gym clothes with me. Heck, I'll even plan to wear my sneakers so I'll have just a little less to carry. By then, it ought to be about lunch time. I should plan to bring a snack...I need to do some grocery shopping and I don't want to shop hungry. I'll plan to have a big salad for lunch...Then, I need to do some house cleaning to prepare to have people over on Saturday morning. Since I'll have gone to the grocery, I'll have no excuse not to make a healthy dinner, and perhaps the best treat of all...a little TV at night. Ah! Some relaxation!

See, now, if I follow my plan, I can meet my eating and exercise goals during an unstructured day! Now, off to get my readings and work-out clothes together for morning!

My salad tonight in class. School also provided us with a nacho snack this evening!


Eggs with sausage, peppers and onions...cereal and milk.

I forgot to photograph my lunch...I had a 1/2 sandwich--turkey, tomato & cranberry on brown bread with a greek salad and a fruit cup.

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