Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's your goal?

I don't really want to write tonight...but I haven't written in awhile. I've made the decision NOT to do school work I might as well write.

Sooooooo, I realized earlier today that I hadn't stated any goals recently. I actually set a goal with my nutritionist and couple weeks ago, but I knew that my schedule wouldn't allow me to work on it for a bit. However, time to get back to task!

My goal is three work-outs each week.

I know. That's bold! Well, my classes involve so much reading this term that it's possible. Reading! What's that got to do with working out?? I've found that I can read and actually retain information while running on the elliptical. I'm pretty blown away by it too! I don't remember who told me, but someone said that you actually remember things just a little better when you exercise at the same time. I don't know how true that is for everyone, but it is true for me. So, my work-outs will end up being mainly on the weekends, but they will happen. 

What brought on the talk of goals?? Well, since my trip to Vermont, I've gained some weight back. 5 pounds. It's not that much, but I notice it. It's not that much, but it's discouraging. It's not that much, but the holidays are coming. It's not that much, but I notice it. That's all that matters.

I've had some barriers in the way of my general eating and exercise goals. The main one is my schedule. I've been eating out more than normal due to time constraints. And by eating out, please don't think 'great social calendar'...although I have had a great social calendar...I mean that I'm too tired at night to make my lunch so I eat at the cafeteria the next day. I'm too tired to shop after work or class so I eat crap for dinner. Well, part of my goal is to stop this cycle. I've done OK this week...not great, but OK. The good news is, tomorrow is another day and another chance to reach my goal.

So, I have my goal, what's yours?


Date night dinner....mushroom tortelloni with cauliflower and cheese with steamed broccoli
 Steak tartare with bread and fries
 There's peanut butter in my chocolate!
Chicken quesadilla from Trader Joe's


Chicken, couscous, broccoli and a little salad with homework in the background...
 mmmm, jelly donut...there was a sprinkled chocolate frosted donut too
Panera! My powersandwich...with tomato and spinach added!


Here's where I'm starting to get back on track...chicken, broccoli, and orzo with tomatoes and romano cheese
 Big 'ol salad and slice of pizza
Gettin' back to a normal breakfast--Uncle Sam cereal, egg and milk


The Cheeseboy Gobbler sandwich!!!!! This is my new favorite. It's cheese, turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce
 Salad and pizza
OK, so I'm getting sick of the cafeteria not having skim milk and not having it in the small size so I'm going back to yogurt. SO, plain, non-fat yogurt and Uncle Sam cereal with an orange.


Yeah, so this is definitely NOT on the list.

 School snack at our class break this evening
 Salad from the cafeteria with couscous and buffalo chicken
 Salad and beef barley soup. I didn't eat the crackers
The granola cereal just hit the spot this morning with the tangy yogurt!

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