Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Permission to Engage

It's been an interesting few days...As always the balance between work and my life is difficult to find. I work too many hours and don't sleep enough. Neither is good for my mental or physical health. I did, however, have two extraordinary events this week! One was a seminar I attended and the other was a 7.7 mile run. Yes. 7.7 miles. I'm getting there!

The seminar though...AMAZING!!!

Vernice 'FlyGirl' Armour spoke at the Simmons Leadership Conference Encore Event this week! She is completely amazing and inspirational. The first time I heard her speak, I remember she talked about how too many women listen to the negative self-talk in their own heads...boy, did that ring true! This week, she talked a little about how too many times, when we put an idea 'out there' that others (and ourselves) shoot it down. That we often do not get many ideas to choose from because someone's telling us why they won't work.

She talked about how each of us needs to give ourself permission to go out and accomplish our goals, to stop waiting for the perfect time, to take action in the moment. She asked us what we were willing to do and if we were willing to invest in ourselves. She asked how we are of service to others...

Sound familiar?? Yeah, stuff I talk about all the time! It's about starting from where you're at, setting goals that will test you, but not giving into fear. It's about emotional buy-in (the Elephant!), it's about relationships and relying on those around you for help...and helping those around you. It's about willingness.

She asked us to consider our legacy. What is going leave us fulfilled? Every moment is a what choices are going to get us where we want to go? And why not start now? As FlyGirl says, 'You have permission to engage!"


egg with spinach and tomatoes, potatoes, and some rabbit food...or watercress as the fancy people call it
 bacon pizza!
mushroom risotto, corn and mixed veggies


hot cereal and fruit
 cauliflower, zucchini, rice, eggplant and beans
chicken tikka masala, brown rice, corn, and mixed veggies


hot cereal and fruit
 pepperoni pizza
pasta fagioli, corn, mixed veggies, carrots, and an apple

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