Monday, September 2, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

Life has been a little bit hectic lately...that usually means that it's time to do the next right thing, whatever the next right thing is. Or, in other words, just keep swimming!

It's an understatement to say that work has been busy and that I've been putting in extra time at the office. It's been difficult and there has been much stress-related crying. What gets me through it? Knowing that the work I do is making a very real difference in the lives of the people I help. Every once in awhile I get to do something or deliver some news that changes someone's life. This past week, for example, I was able to make it possible for a girl to go to college...her family has been having a very rough time and  is on the brink of homelessness. To make a college eduction possible for her was not something I did alone, but with the help of many people from across the College. I am confident that this family will always remember me, but more importantly, I am confident that this girl will learn the lesson that help is always there and can come from any source.

My lesson these past few weeks? When I'm overwhelmed with all of my own stuff, just keep swimming. Do the right thing and be of service to others. The help I need will find me.


mall Thai food


waffles, sausage and fruit
 chicken, fries, rice, and corn


berries and yogurt
 salad and chicken salad sandwich
 salad and bread
filet and fries


hot cereal and berries
 cheese ravioli, corn and mixed veggies, and fresh fruit
summer salad with fruit and pecans, half turkey sandwich

chocolate cake


hot cereal and peaches
 salad and cookies - and a turkey/roast beef sandwich
beef stroganoff, mixed veggies and cauliflower


apple cinnamon muffin and fruit cup
 turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers and carrots, tomato soup
 nachos made with potato chips
 to die for Greek salad with lots of veggies and feta
cheesecake dessert!!!


chocolate muffin, fruit, and Greek yogurt
 turkey sandwich & brownie cup
 Damn lighting in Regina's....

side salad
pizza with pepperoni and meatballs


french toast muffin
 Protein Box from Starbucks
Kung Pao chicken, rice, broccoli and corn


filet, veggies, and mac and cheese with bacon


savory chicken, mixed veggies, and spicy peanut sauce

 gettin' my salad on!
buffalo chicken pizza

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