Sunday, September 8, 2013

Goals and timelines

I have had a fantastic new accomplishment!! For the first time EVER, I ran 7 miles!!! Well, I think it's the first time...either way, I did it!! I'm slowly building distance and well on my way to 13 miles. That half marathon is still in my sights. And here's the thing, even if I'm not ready for this one, there will be another one that I can run instead! I'm not giving up on my goal! That's the beauty of goals, they're always there...the only timetables they have are the ones we arbitrarily assign.

Sure, there are plenty of things that I'd like to do before whatever marker of time in my life. The closer I get to 40 though, the less it matters. What I'm finding is important is that I work towards achieving the goals and challenges I set for myself. In the case of running, I care more that I do it on a timetable that is safe for me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Sure, I can get to 13 miles on a fast-tracked schedule, but at what cost? What price will I pay physically? Would I have any balance in other areas of my life? Without balance, I'll pay mental and emotional prices. Are they worth it?

What about other goals? Is it appropriate to have a deadline? Maybe that depends on the goal. Maybe that depends on the person. For me, for today, the timeline doesn't matter so much as the doing the work that's needed to achieve the goal.


cereal and peaches
pasta fagioli, corn, mixed veggies, and berries


chocolate muffin, Greek yogurt
 Mmmm, salad
kung pao chicken, rice, and veggies


berries, Greek yogurt, and a French vanilla muffin
 savory chicken, corn, and mixed veggies
 apple and baby bel cheese
 watermelon and tomato salad
 scallops and corn with tomatoes
peaches! with ricotta and strawberries


peaches and Greek yogurt
pasta fagioli, corn, mixed veggies, and berries

Mmm, pizza


Shabu!!! There was also gyoza and edamame


2 eggs, red peppers, onions, ham, cheese and berries
chicken tikka masala, brown rice, mixed veggies, and cauliflower

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