Monday, September 16, 2013

Favorite things

Several days into vaca and I'm doing pretty well with getting lots of veggies. Not perfect, but what ever is?

Today was a nice hike, some shopping, and some good good food! No deep thoughts for the day, no musings on identity, impact, or contrast...just a nod to relaxation. Today was a day filled with some of my favorite things:
time with good friends
outdoor physical activity
a great sale at Coach
good food

Life doesn't really get any better than that. And if you are lucky enough to know to appreciate these things, then you are someone who, from time to time, experiences those moments when your heart is full of gratitude and contentment. At those moments you start to wonder how it's possible that you deserve all of this. Then you stop, and just let it flow over you, surround you, and you laugh or cry at how you have a life that's better than anything you could have otherwise imagined.


green and red chips and salsa

clearly, I did not think that the cold breakfast pizza was worth a photo...
 cobb salad with an extra veggie platter to cram in even more veggies!

Mmmm, lamb shank, with carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, and watermelon feta salad!

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