Sunday, September 15, 2013


Things to do in Denver? Well, avoiding flooding areas is one of them...yeah. There's tons of flooding going on around my vacation spot while I'm vacationing! There was a little bit of excitement this afternoon as a matter of fact as we tried to get back home and avoid road closures.

While incredibly sad and dramatic, it's certainly not what I want to write about tonight. Tonight, rather, I want to write about ascending Pike's Peak. I took the cog rail to the top, 14,115 feet above sea level. As the train was going uphill, I realized, that when I went skydiving, we jumped from about 14,000 feet! So, the last time I was at 14,000 and outside, I was free-falling to the ground...this time, I had my feet firmly planted on the solid rock of the Rocky Mountains. What a contrast!

I've always believed, and still do, that we have to be able to see contrasts in life. How can you know happiness if you don't know sadness. Can there be beauty without ugliness? Why talk about contrast? Because I felt a feeling today that I have not felt in quite a long time...being up there on that mountain, with very little oxygen. I felt light-headed, my legs were weak, I felt physically drunk. I certainly did not expect that! It's been over seven years since I gave up alcohol for a healthier and better life. Not one day have I looked back and wished I made a different commitment to myself. It was certainly an odd reminder of a contrast in my life.


snack tray with apple, carrots, cheese and almonds to stave off the hunger of the morning
Starbucks protein box with cookie
 chocolate and coconut snack bar
high altitude mini donut
 Corn Nuts! Just like in Heathers...only nobody is dead
 Greek Salad
 Real actual Buffalo chicken wings!!!! Just like from Upstate NY!!!!
fruit crisp dessert pizza

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