Thursday, May 2, 2013


Tonight was it. Tonight was the last night of classes for my MBA. After tonight, there is only the ceremony. After tonight, there is the rest of my life. Tonight is one of those times when I can say that I feel like my life is starting all over again and is a celebration! Tonight is the when I realize that I accomplished a goal that I set for myself four years ago. Tonight is the night when I realize that I accomplished something I first dreamed of over 15 years ago. Tonight is the night...I did it!

All that work, all that dedication, the sacrifice of time...all leading to this moment tonight. It's strange to think that on a Monday afternoon I thought to call the admissions office, met with them on Tuesday, turned in my application on Thursday, got my acceptance on Friday and started school on Saturday. What a week! And it only got more intense and more horrible and more wonderful.

The women I met and spent time with in the past four years have been, and will be, some of the most influential women in my life. I have been lucky through the years to have incredibly strong women in my life to look up to and learn from. Business school has been no exception. For that, I am grateful.


cereal and peaches
 mushroom risotto and mixed veggies
veggie stew and fruit cup...I don't think I ate the spaghetti squash


5 bean casserole with hot sauce and broccoli
Mmmm, my first chicken in AGES!!!!!!

with mixed veggies and a mash of carrots and cauliflower

 mushroom risotto, corn, and carrot/cauliflower mash
 My Shabu hot pot!
My Shabu!


savory chicken with peanut curry and mixed veggies
 apple and PB2 made into peanut butter
turkey chili with corn and peppers

OK, I did not eat that muffin...I was going to, but I did not. I was volunteering at the B.A.A. and it was a small gift of appreciation from one of the nearby food trucks. I gave it to a fellow volunteer.
 veggies, peaches and pasta fagioli
 OK, I did eat the pizza
corn and veggie stew with hot sauce


cereal and fruit cup
 ravioli, salad and mixed veggies
chicken, corn and broccoli


fruit cup
 pasta fagioli, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, and mango
chicken, potatoes and broccoli


Panera - from the hidden menu!
 Yeah. I ate it.
 this too
veggie stew, broccoli and potatoes

OK...that's enough for tonight. I'll post the rest soon and get you all up to date.

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  1. kinda amazing. Ok, REALLY amazing. Congrats heth, this is a major milestone. I'm so glad to see you at your finish line and with this much joy about it. =)