Sunday, May 26, 2013

Back to running

My mom returned to Arizona yesterday evening. What did I do? I went running this morning. I admit though that I did not jump back on the healthy eating perfectly just yet. However, I made a good stride!

I ran today for about 50 minutes with a friend. She was awesome! She timed us, gave me pointers on how to run hills, planned in rests, kept her pace slower for me, AND found a bathroom on the route...She's a good friend! I was going to take tomorrow off from running, but my muscles are feeling OK, maybe I'll get out for a 4 miler? I was able to run 4 miles before taking two weeks off from exercising, I've got to get back to it and build distance! Tomorrow being a holiday, I have no excuse really.


lemon raspberry cheesecake...breakfast of champions
 Dim Sum!
It's not delivery, it's Di Giorno...this was supposed to be my final hurrah before getting all strict again. Didn't happen, but there's always tomorrow.


This is misleading...I had a shake this morning with strawberries and then a crap-load of sugar throughout the day.

For dinner, roast chicken, potatoes, carrots, squashes and green beans with garlic

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