Saturday, May 25, 2013

Almost time...'s almost time for mom to home. That means it's almost time for me to get back to healthy eating and exercise. That means it's time to start thinking about how often I need to run and do strength training and get back to kickboxing! I admit, I'm looking forward to putting gloves on and hitting people. I know...

Seriously, I can't wait to get back to exercising and working towards the goal of finishing an obstacle race in August. How awesome is that? That's one of my next goals. I've got two 10Ks that I'm signed up for and and obstacle race. It's definitely good to have goals!


muffin, yogurt and COFFEE!!!!
 cheese ravioli, broccoli, strawberries and chocolate/toffee covered Amish pretzels
 caesar salad and chowder
 flounder stuffed with crab and swiss chard and with roasted parsnips
chocolate cake and ice cream


eggs, berries and potatoes

shrimp creole and cucumbers



cereal and berries
 Greek salad with a couple of falafels
 This is how I do the Cheesecake factory!

chopped salad minus the bacon and bleu cheese
Ok, ok, I couldn't resist the cheesecake...this is something like Chris' Outrageous Cheesecake

I'm going to miss my mom...

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