Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's Official!!

I had my final weigh-in for the weight loss portion of my I officially move into the maintenance phase...or Phase 2. So, having moved into Phase 2, I've got some awesome numbers to report!!!

Total Pounds Lost: 30
Total Inches Lost from Breasts: 4.5
Total Inches Lost from Waist: 7.5
Total Inches Lost from Hips: 4.75

How cool is that!? 

So what's next? Well, today, was more of the same. Tomorrow will be too. Why? Because it works. And I don't have time to cook. Friday will be my first chance to cook. I figure I'll have some chicken and some broccoli...maybe some spaghetti squash. With chicken, the possibilities are endless!


 steak strips and mixed veggies
cheese ravioli and broccoli

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