Sunday, April 7, 2013

Size 10 then...and NOW!

Me, in a size 9/10 prom dress in 1990
Yup, that was me, May something-or-other 1990. Wasn't I cute? I fell in love with that dress and was so wondrously happy when my mom bought it for me at a store in Scottsdale, AZ when we were on a family vacation. I still love that dress! It was like nothing that any of the other girls wore and showed off my figure but wasn't slutty. It was Victorian in concept and I loved the lace and beaded accents! I had shoes dyed to match...remember dyed satin shoes?

Why this trip down memory lane? Well, this weekend, I bought a pair of size 10 jeans!!!! This is the first time since that photo that I can be certain that I've fit into a size 10. Granted, my other new pants are size 12, but I'll take the 10.

Me in my new size 10 skinny jeans!!!

So, does this mean the dress fits again? Alas, no. I may be back at my high school weight, but my high school size and shape? Not so much. Since then, not only have I completed puberty and grown some hips, but I have more fat on my body. And I'm certainly OK with that. I'm less than 6 months away from 40 and I'm at my high school weight. I fucking LOVE that!!!!!!


turkey chili, hot sauce, and salad
fruit cup and banana


fruit cup and banana
 cheese ravioli and steamed veggies
mushroom risotto and salad


fruit cup and apple
 savory chicken with spicy peanut sauce, Trader Joe's vegetable hodgepodge mix, and strawberries
steak strips, cauliflower, and veggie hodgepodge


 cheese ravioli and veggie hodgepodge
pasta fagioli and cauliflower

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