Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weigh In #3

Well, we can't all get good news all the time right? Sometimes we have to take our knocks, right? This week's weigh-in wasn't so good. Ugh. I stuck to the right foods...I did what they said. What I didn't manage to do was work in enough physical activity calories! According to my scale, I lost 1/2 a pound. According to theirs, I gained 2.8 pounds! Ugh.

So, how am I dealing with this? Well, just like when their scale showed a greater loss than mine, I went with mine. I'm going to go with mine again. Not that mine is "right", but mine is consistent and I have the most control over it. Ok, not control over the scale, but control over what is on and in my body when I use it. At home, I'm careful to weigh myself at the same time each day, wearing the same thing each time, before eating, after peeing. In this case, I find that consistency is more important than accuracy.

And do me a favor? Wish me better weight loss for next week? What will I do to ensure better weight loss for next week? Well, I'm going to make sure I make to the gym this weekend. That's for sure. Otherwise, I'm going to continue on this weight loss plan. I'm not going to let one rough week discourage me!


vanilla shake
 chicken pasta parmesean and broccoli
 vanilla shake with berries
 enchiladas and fiesta blend veggies
vanilla shake



blood orange
 veggie stew with beef and fiesta blend veggies
5 bean casserole and broccoli


berries and olives
 cheese ravioli, peaches, yellow squash with blueberries and lettuce
savory chicken with mixed veggies


veggie stew with beef and Asian veggies
 veggie tray for the superbowl!
5 bean casserole...I added some guacamole


cereal and berries
 mushroom risotto, asian style veggies and peaches
chicken pasta parmesean and fiesta mix veggies

cereal and peaches
 blood orange
 echiladas and cauliflower
veggie stew with beef and mixed veggies

peaches and cereal
steak strips with potatoes and mixed veggies

For dinner, I had the ravioli and cauliflower


veggie stew with beef and cauliflower
 pasta fagioli and butternut squash
vanilla shake with cherries

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