Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weigh in #4

So far so good...according to my scale, I've lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks. By their scale, I've lost 8.6 pounds! No matter who's scale you believe, I'm doing a good job. The average 4 week weight loss for women at my weight is just over 5 pounds. I'm doing better than average, even after a not so great week last week.

In other news, I've been having pizza and other food cravings. I think they are stress related. School is ramping up and I'm feeling the effects by wanting food that's not on the list. I've stayed on the food plan, don't worry. Where I've been lacking is in the physical activity area. It's been a bit rough to fit the gym in. Who am I kidding? It's been a bit rough to fit anything in! Soon enough and school will be over.

For now, I just need to stay the course, don't deviate and I'll continue to achieve success!


Fruit cup from Au Bon Pain
 whole grain cereal and berries
 veggie stew with beef, mixed veggies, and turnip greens with hot sauce
cheese ravioli and mixed veggies


corn, turnip greens & veggie stew with beef
 turkey chili with beans, corn and turnip greens

cucumber snack
 steak strips with potatoes and broccoli
mushroom risotto, broccoli and yellow squash


whole grain cereal and peaches
 5 bean casserole, broccoli & yellow squash
cheese ravioli, cauliflower and blood orange


whole grain cereal with mango and cherries
 pasta fagioli, corn and cucumbers
steak strips with cauliflower and a blood orange


whole grain cereal and peaches
 cheese ravioli and broccoli
 mushroom risotto and corn

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