Friday, December 28, 2012

The stove

I've been doing this food blog forever and it's evolved in ways that I could not have imagined. Problem is, it's no longer serving it's purpose. That is to keep me on track with my eating and serve as an inspiration. Well, I'm thinking of something different and good for me. I made the call to attend an info session for a weight loss program though my doctor's practice. The session isn't for a week, so I've got some time to decide yet. But what a great idea! I'm all for taking charge and being solution-focused, this is just one more way to do it!

And don't get me wrong, I love the way this blog has evolved and I'm going to keep it up. I just need to steer it back toward it's original purpose...

On a less serious note, I've barely made a dent in cleaning my apartment today. Yet, even without doing much, I've added a new appliance to my list of appliances that should never be moved, lest we discover the disgusting mess that is underneath them. The stove. So, now, I'm up to two, two appliances that should never be moved. The first is the refrigerator. And now, the stove. Ugh. I've not (in recent memory) seen anything so disgusting! And it was just dirt, no actual surprises or anything like that. OK, so, my recommendation to you all is this: Never, under any circumstances, never, move the stove. Allow whatever dirt and filth is under it to remain there and fester. That way, you can deny ever consciously knowing it was there. I'm sure that if I owned a washer or dryer I would offer the same advice...


This is what happens when one skips breakfast
 a little bread before the main event  (with olive oil for dipping)
 1st dozen done
 2nd dozen to go!
Mmm, fries! Oh, and a lobster roll!

I had popcorn for dinner. I was so full for so long after lunch!


eggs with cheese for breakfast
 chips and salsa for lunch
chicken, pasta and broccoli for dinner...better choice than the Chinese food I've been craving!

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