Thursday, December 20, 2012

What to do, what to do?

School's out for the holidays and the grades are in!! A and A-, pretty damned good if I do say so myself. I guess all that hard work paid off...all that time sitting and not moving, sitting at my computer, sitting at another computer, sitting and reading, sitting, sitting, and more sitting. Well, now I've got some time off and there's much I'd like to do. In no particular order...

get to the gym
read for pleasure
make jewelry
get outside
see my friends
spend time with Ella
watch movies
do a puzzle
cook real food
bake rocket muffins
take naps in the afternoon
catch up on The Big Bang Theory
watch Doctor Who
go to the art museum
explore Boston
wear a costume to a New Year's Eve party

OK, so maybe that last one is in a particular order. I'm pushing for an excuse to wear my Renaissance dress one more time this year, and at least once in 2013, and all on the same night!

Clearly, there's a whole bunch of things I want to do with my time during my break from classes, but what will I do? Well, I'll do a bunch of things on the list and clean my apartment. I really can't wait to take a nap though. How luxurious a life, to be able to lounge in bed in the afternoon and nap.


Ah! I remember that fruit...I didn't manage to eat it.
 mmm, pizza

Bring it on!


chocolate muffins always get eaten
 mmm, pizza and diet cherry pepsi
uh, pizza...


tea sandwiches at the Taj
 tea desserts at the Taj
BBQ ribs, mac and cheese and greens


picture cookies, there were lots of cookies at this cookie party...


homemade chicken and dumplings


at least the yogurt is healthy
 reappearance of the chicken and dumplings, this time in a mini crock-pot lunch warmer
 Western chili fries at Longhorn Steakhouse
lobster stuffed filet with mac and cheese


pizza with salad...clearly breakfast was skipped
Shabu!!!!!! dinner with A in Allston


only 1/2 the chocolate chip muffin...and yogurt

mayan mocha...with extra espresso in place of my normal coffee!
 spicy salmon, yellowtail sashimi, and a pink lady roll at Buddha in Brookline
 my friend's bento box, too pretty not to include
chicken and dumplings

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