Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A daily practice?

So I've made a start. As of this typing, I've got my bedroom about 1/2 cleaned...closets not included. The closets are their own project. Ugh. However, I may have made a decision. First, I want to reorganize my closet. Second, I think I want to start and maintain a more daily journal. I just don't know how long I could possibly keep it up. We'll see. What triggered this? In all of my dusting and vacuuming I ran across my old journals. Yup, good, old-fashioned, hand-written journals. I couldn't bare to open them, to read any. Ok, I glanced. But I didn't read.

It's always interesting, going through things and cleaning and reorganizing. It always surprises me, what makes an impact during this time. This artifact or that artifact...this letter or that card. Some music...and yes, I still have cassettes. This time, I'm struck by my life before and my life after. How today, I try to be grateful for everyday, for everything that I have. I don't always succeed, but I try.

The impulse to live my life more aware strikes me...whether that means starting a meditation practice, a daily reflection practice, a daily anything practice! It's the urge to live more deliberately, more in touch, more, more, I don't know, more something that would put me more in touch with myself and help me on my journey to become who I will. I'll bet it would help.


Napoleon dessert for breakfast

Veggies, veggies, and more veggies!!!!!! And a little bit of chicken.

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