Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A few things off the list

Merry Christmas to all!!!! 

Ah!!! The gloriousness of having time off work and time off school!!! Combine that with a tree covered in decorations and lights in my living room, and I've got a wonderful respite from the daily grind. And guess what! I've already crossed a few items off my list...I've completed a puzzle, watched Doctor Who, went to the gym, finished a novel, spent time with Ella, seen my friends, cooked real live actual food, and watched the Big Bang Theory. That's like half my list. I'm good.

See! I really did work on a puzzle...And I really did finish it!
So, what to do with the rest of the break? Well, there's still a number of things on my list and some things to continue doing. Things like the gym and reading should continue.

I'd like to get my house in order as well. It's not on the list, but it provides an excellent opportunity for reflection. Reflect not just over the past year as we prepare to move into the new one, but reflect over my past life. Am I where I want to be? Am I who I want to be? How far do I still have to go? What are some goals for the new year? What progress shall I try to achieve? Rather, what progress shall I achieve?


buffalo chicken wrap
 mango curry with beef and noodles
pork dumplings with soy sauce


Breakfast power sandwich...trying a new Panera, one in Qunicy
Uh....Panera for lunch...after a kickboxing class at fight club!


Enormous brunch! Apple and cheddar omelet, sounds better than it was, with potatoes, fruit and a cheese biscuit

I identified this as the first day since early August that I could honestly say that I had absolutely no obligations to do anything or be anywhere. What glorious day!
meat lasagne and salad from Whole Foods


coffee cake and fruit
 back at Panera!
 a little snack at home before cooking
 A Polish and Russian Christmas Eve Feast!!

Potato and cheese pierogis, peas and mushrooms, beet salad, cucumbers with sour cream and dill and Russian potato salad...all complete with black currant juice!
Polish wafer cake for dessert


Christmas morning breakfast

OK, OK, I admit to having some Russian potato salad too...
 A Christmas Dinner feast!

spiral ham, long grain and wild rice, meatballs, au gratin potatoes, salad with egg, candied carrots, and broccoli
 Really, I only had 1/2 of a red velvet cupcake...which was not actually red velvet but rather vanilla cake dyed red. Still, quite yummy.
....and one little slice of the chocolate mousse cake.

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