Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vacation starts now!

Vacation is finally starting!! I'm leaving the stress of work and life behind and I'm going to spend the next 13 days with family and the friends who have become my family! What a gift to have this opportunity and to have them in my life. I'll be traveling back to Seattle for a wedding...then setting off on the trip of a lifetime with my mom! Together, we'll see Mount St. Helens, The Redwoods and Yellowstone National Park. Dreams coming true, that's what it is.

I remember first hearing about the Redwoods in third grade...I've wanted to see them since. I've wanted to go to Yellowstone since I learned that the whole park is one giant caldera! And Mount Saint Helens...well, I have a tube of ash from the 1980 explosion. I'm a little geeky, but not too much. There's just enough science in this trip to keep me happy. All I can say is that there better be animals too!

It's always good to leave the stress behind and get away. That's definitely what I intend to do! We all need down time, we all need rest. Stay posted for my food from the road!!


sugar for breakfast...see where this is going?
 That's one Tasty Burger!

Lunch with O & Co...
 tacos in Brookline on my way home to pack for vaca!
R takes such good care of me!! What a great snack after packing!


So, the day started off well enough...just not a large enough breakfast
 meeting time snack

Clearly, I was so hungry at lunch that there was no time to pose for a photo...I had a buffalo chicken wrap from Fresh City
 1/2 fries 1/2 rings and a chocolate shake
Counter service at Johnny Rockets...perhaps the best thing about the airport!

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