Sunday, July 15, 2012

Small goals

Guess what. I made it!!!!! I made it to the gym this weekend!!! 60 minutes of cardio on Sunday. It felt so good to accomplish one small goal! That's what it's about right? Accomplishing small goals along the way to get to the big goal.

Small goals for tomorrow? Not eating sweets/processed sugar and making it to the gym. Since accomplishing goals doesn't magically just happen, how am I going to do it? Well, I've already made my lunch and breakfast for tomorrow. They're in the fridge just waiting to be tossed into my bag and taken to work. As for the gym...well, before I go to bed, I'll pack my gym bag and I've already sent an e-mail to my instructor letting him know that I'll be in abs class tomorrow night.

Remember the Elephant and the Rider? Well, they both need a Path. For me, the Path is laying the groundwork, it's eliminating difficulties. Difficulties that make it easier to grab a chocolate bar instead of a piece of fruit, or a soda instead of a water, or sitting on the couch instead of going to the gym. The path involves pre-making my meals and arranging for a ride to abs class. It's knowing that I'll have a little social time at the gym before and after I do 250+ sit-ups, making all those crunches that much more enticing.

Small goals. That's what it's about. Accomplishing small goals one day at a time will equal bikini in Aruba!!!


Skydiving Day!!!!

Squeezies before jumping...I purposefully did not eat that morning. I know that flying around once that canopy opens upsets my tummy. It would totally suck to get sick at 5000 feet!
 Salad at Bertucci's
Pizza at Bertucci's!! No, I did not eat the whole thing! Just a little over 1/4 of it.


berries, vanilla yogurt and Uncle Sam cereal
 lamb kebob, rice and Greek salad from Black Seed on Tremont Street and Spearmint Lemonade from the Clover food truck
salmon and avocado sushi with brown rice and a big giant salad!

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