Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good enough

I last wrote about small goals. So how'd I do?? Some days good and some days not so good. Isn't that always the way? Progress, not perfection, right? Right. I made it to the gym twice last week and ate lots of vegetables...and had time for my friends. Time with my friends is just as important as time at the gym and eating healthy. Balance.

So, small goals for the weekend? Making it to the gym at least once, and relatively healthy eating. For the week? Making it to the gym three times and no sweets. Three workouts may be difficult...I've some plans with friends that may not allow three workouts. We'll see how it goes and I'll do my best. That's all I can ask. Sometimes the best I can do is good enough rather than perfect.

Making my best effort, recognizing what my best is, and accepting that it may not be perfection is one way that I maintain a healthy attitude about my weight and my eating habits. If I always strive for perfection, I will almost always fail. I need small wins to fuel my momentum, for my progress, for my success!


a little oats, fruit and milk for brekkie!
 mmm, veggies
 nuts for a snack before a work out
salad for dinner...see, staying on track so far!


berries, Uncle Sam cereal and milk
 I was sooooo hungry that I had a carb craving! pasta with meatballs to go along with my salad

for dinner, I had a steak with a large salad
dessert...carrot cake and ice cream

I had two pieces of cake and more ice's where staying on track really fell apart.


cinnamon roll and fresh fruit

 OK, OK, I gave in to some carbs...
 fried onion loaf at Frank's Steak House
 side salad
Surf and turf---filet and scallops


fruit and cereal
 Mediterranean salad from UFood Grill - you know I picked out all that damned radicchio!
 A night out with the girls!!! Empire!!! We shared all items, it was too good not to.

lobster and scallion pancakes...the white stuff is coconut milk!!
 dumplings for the table!
 this was either the spicy tuna or the spicy salmon...there were two rolls, I only photographed one
tuna sashimi!


potatoes and eggs and fruit, oh my!
 garlic fries at The Yard House
 Greek Salad with chicken

there was a little stop at Cold Stone after this...
 Kachumber salad at Tanjore
Madras curry, vindaloo and daal makhani, all with rice

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