Sunday, July 29, 2012

Winnie-the-Pooh and Disco Fries

What a week!!! Stress, stress, and more stress...why can't the week before vacation be easier? It's work and it's social commitments, and it's housework, and it's planning, and it's downtime...and it's just that everything seems like it's the biggest most difficult thing in the world.

I don't know about you, but when I feel this way, I want to shut down. I want to crawl under a rock and pull the covers up over my head. I want to retreat to a safe warm space where everything is soft and easy. A place where I can cuddle with my Winnie-the-Pooh and forget that anything else exists. That's what I want right now. I don't want to think about anything. Not only do I want someone to come along and tell me that everything will be alright, but I want them to lay out a plan and do all the work. I want to just wake up and have everything be fixed and shiny like new. I want to ignore it until it goes away.

Times like this, I never get what I want. Times like this, I still have to keep moving, keep going. It's times like this when I need my instincts to kick in...what's right, what's healthy, what's going to help me accomplish the goal, what's right? Yeah, I know I asked that one twice. But that's the real question, isn't it? What's the right thing to do? When I'm overwhelmed to the point of inactivity, I need to know what the next right thing to do is. Sometimes it's nothing. But usually there's more to it than that. Regardless, it's kinda like food. If my instincts are right, I'll always choose the salad over the disco fries. And to be clear, one should never choose the disco fries.


I couldn't resist a little cinnamon twist
 pizza and salad
 mint chip oreo
steak, salt potatoes and broccoli


You know if the day starts off this with much sugar, it just isn't going to end well...
 pizza and salad
 I had my cake and ate it too
See, didn't end well...

buffalo chicken pizza


breakfast burrito and salsa
 protein box from Starbucks
 Mmmm, that's one tasty burger!
 dumplings and avocado salad before sushi


mmm, savory breakfast
 mac and cheese, the perfect comfort food...and a little General Tsao's Chicken
 salad at the Friendly Toast
 pressed cuban
 cheesy fries w/ fancy plates
back on the green leafy stuff!


sausage, egg and cheese
pupusas...I think that's how you spell it...and mac and cheese bites

Dinner was a picnic for Shakespeare on the Common. There was chips and salsa, cherries, pizza, cookies and brownies and ICE CREAM!


breakfast at the @Union Dinner

 mainly there were potato chips during the day, not good.
 Steamers. I was so hungry I needed to be reminded not to eat the shells!
I got my lobster dinner!


A came over this morning and made me breakfast. I helped, but only a little.
 unfortunately, this is how I handled my stress today. At least it's colorful?
 salad at Zaftigs
Disco Fries!!!

I guess I broke my own rule.

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