Friday, July 13, 2012


Vacation being over, the idea is that it's time to get back on track...see a theme here? Always getting back on track but never doing it!

That being said, the purpose of this blog is document both accomplishments and failures equally...being factual and documenting what I've eaten. Ugh. Luckily, tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow, I'll rally and try to stay on track. Tomorrow I'll avoid the ice cream. Tomorrow I'll eat more veggies. Tomorrow I'll eat less starch. And this weekend, I'll make it to the gym at least once!


breakfast before leaving for the Big Apple...wouldn't you like to know who came over at 5am to make it too!
 burger and fries in a little NY coffee shop
something sweet before heading back to the museums
 french onion soup with cheese and a crouton
 roast duck with orange sauce and carrots
creme brulee


salad at The Cloisters
pasta  and veggies at The Met
salad and pita chips


There were pancakes for breakfast...

salad at The MOMA
 cavatelli with chicken, white beans, parmesean, mushrooms and greens at The MOMA

If you're ever at The MOMA, I highly recommend the cafeteria there. This was absolutely delicious!
Italian sub for the bus ride home (I threw 1/2 away)

there was also a chocolate milkshake on the bus


Chicken salad sandwich at Darwin's in Cambridge

I didn't eat breakfast, but I have no recollection of what I had for dinner...probably a plate of nachos.


back to work breakfast

salad and yogurt for lunch

a little out of order...but a 1/2 rack of babyback ribs at Soulfire


fresh fruit and Uncle Sam cereal for breakfast
Panera!!!! 1/2 Mediterranean veggie sandwich and salad with veggies and fruit, no dressing

I had frozen pizza for dinner...

 fresh fruit and cereal for breakfast
pizza and salad

I had frozen pizza and popcorn for dinner

There. Now we're all caught up. Let's see what tomorrow brings...tomorrow is another chance to eat healthy. Tomorrow is another chance to get some exercise. Tomorrow is another chance.

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