Monday, August 6, 2012

Washington and Oregon

Well, I'm on vacation and loving every minute of it!!

We started out with several days in Seattle for a friend's wedding and are now on the road. This morning I saw Mt. St. Helens and will be amongst the Redwoods tomorrow!!

So far, I'm so far off with eating. Unfortunately, I rarely make #2 when on vacation. My eating doesn't make it any easier. Time to get back onto the veggies! I can tell you though, it's tough when there's steak and fried food and road food (a.k.a. sugar) and it's all at my finger tip!


Kashi and berries
 pasta with sauce and cheese
 bread, butter and a virgin mojito

Dinner at Salty's
 a little salad
halibut and mashed taters

 white cake with mousse and cobbler with ice cream

fruit and yogurt
 mmm, Starbucks in Seattle!
 just a little snack
 rehearsal luncheon at Dahlia Lounge

tomato soup
 steak cob salad
 macaroon and oreo
 Greek salad
lamb wrap


veggie and egg bialy from Macrina
 sushi and salad from the grocery
 cocktail hour at the wedding--fruit and cheese
 mussels at cocktail hour
mini donuts in place of a wedding cake


Rocket Muffin from Macrina
 morning bun from macrina
 cupcakes at BBQ
 fried chicken and veggies
 a little boost of energy
 ice cream!!
 salad in Kalama, WA
chicken fried steak in Kalama, WA


a little bit of everything for breakfast!
 I thought that I would never meet a sour gummi candy that I didn't like...I was wrong. Worst sour worms ever.
 Vanilla Coke...not bad, but just OK.

And a pickle in Oregon
 chef salad at the Black Bear Diner in Grants Pass, OR
chocolate cream pie at the Black Bear Diner

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