Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Set backs are the worst in the beginning. Am I right?
Of course I am. I always am.

It's been awhile, so let me catch you up. I tore a muscle in my calf and have been in PT for about 2 months. I healed marvelously and was cleared to run, wear heals, and do whatever else I wanted. No problems, right? Well, no. Unfortunately that's not how setbacks work. I was able to run the Spartan Race without a problem. The other night, however, when I was buckling down in my half marathon training, I had the most painful run of my life...except for the one when I injured my hip last summer.

My hamstring has been bothering me since spring. Nothing all that bad, just super tight. I've been unable to stretch it out no matter what I do. I've gotten advice from my physical therapist, trainers, friends, and all sorts of people. They've all suggested great stretches and some help more than others. Point is, none of them is doing the trick. The other night, I set out for 4 miles. Nothing ambitious, just a good place to start. Normally, when I run, the hamstring eventually loosens up, so does the calf. Not this night.

Two days later I was in my regular PT appointment and my therapist noticed that I was limping. Basically, after feeling around my bum (your hamstring is attached to your bum after all), he tells me to lay off the running and that I may not be able to run the half marathon. Next week I'll be back in for an appointment Orthopedics yet again.

So there you have it. My latest setback. Sucks. Although, I did receive some wise words in a message today, "It's all good. Process...Trust." And it's true. It is all good, or at least it will be. I'm upset that the attainment of a goal is in jeopardy. I'm upset that I'm being forced to admit to limits that I don't think I should have. I'm scared to think that this is all part of getting older and that it may only get worse. I'm scared of how this may impact other areas of my life. I'm scared that the almost constant discomfort I've felt in my hamstring since spring may be permanent.

There it is...fear. Someone asked me recently why it was that I get so upset when I think about the possibility of not running the half marathon. I didn't have an answer. Something to think about later...In the meantime, it's time to start working on an attitude adjustment before I'm more upset and it becomes more difficult to turn around. And that's really what this post is all about: taking action in a constructive and healthy way.


Clearly, I'm not going back and posting everything since my last entry.

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