Monday, August 25, 2014

Marking time

I'm reminded tonight of how quickly time passes. Granted, it seems to pass faster when you're looking back than when you're in the middle or looking forward. Yet, even so, it passes much too quickly.

We mark time in our lives in many different the places we live, family events, friends that we have, pets who share our lives, fashions, vacations, jobs, or by any other defining points in our lives. Some are more pleasant to recall than others, but all significant to us. All these times, phases, places, events help to shape mold us into who we are, who we will become.

In the past year alone, I achieved many goals. Some I had worked towards for only a couple of months, another for almost 20 years. Most were somewhere in between. This past year will stand out as a good one.

Five years ago this week, I was walking into the first classes of my MBA program. I was scared, I doubted myself. I walked through fear and doubt on a journey that has helped to grow my self-confidence, my resume, and my circle of friends who I consider to be my family. I could never have imagined how much richer my life would be because of it. Funny how it seems like only yesterday.

If I think back ten years, I remember a time when I wasn't happy, when I didn't know how to get out of the dark place I was in mentally and emotionally. Five years to transform my life from a dark and lonely place to being able to start an MBA program, it seems like a blink.

Forget five and ten years...let's talk 20 years...I was still in college and I can't imagine how I've doubled my age since then, lived an entire extra lifetime. I don't wish to go back, I wouldn't change a thing, but I barely recognize the girl who I was. I have glimpses of her sometimes. When fear comes into my day, or moments of pure joy...that abandon, that bravado, that know-it-all confidence she had. It was something to behold!

I go back even further and know that I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm wealthy beyond belief. Many people who were in my life then are still here today. Family and friends alike. Those relationships have grown and changed and deepened. I'm one of the lucky ones. Those relationships are still there. The people "who knew me when." For them, for family, for old friends, for new and newer friends, for everyone who makes my time worth marking, I am grateful. You make me wealthy, you are my fortune.


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