Sunday, August 24, 2014


Is it laziness or rest? Is it rest or is it fear? Is it procrastination? Avoidance? Ugh.

There's something that I've been actively (and stressfully) avoiding. I started dealing with it today. There's follow up to be done, but I started dealing with it. I'm not certain how I feel about it though. Scared, apprehensive...anxious, vaguely Definitely off.

But that's how fear works, isn't it? It's the great unknown, a perceived danger. OK, sometimes the danger is real. But in this instance, trust me, I'm in no real danger. I'm feeling threatened, but it won't actually harm me. The avoidance would ultimately prove worse than the meeting this head-on. So why the fear? That's an excellent question.

Instead of that, let's focus on the achievement of ending the procrastination. Rather, let's celebrate it! Let's celebrate ignoring fear and marching forward. Let's celebrate being afraid and moving forward anyway! After all, isn't that what makes us unstoppable?


Normally, I love frozen pizza...this is fromWegmans. Not loving this frozen pizza.



more pizza...Regina's!


southwest chicken salad from B Good...mmm veggies...gonna poop tomorrow!

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