Friday, January 3, 2014

Snow day

Day #2 of being snowed in...I feel like this should read like some weird sort of diary where the writer descends into madness and everyone is dead or eaten by the end. Well, if they were eaten, at least it'd be consistent with a food blog! Yeah, even I think that was just wrong.

Amazingly, I'm not feeling cabin fever just yet. Shocking. I am, however, running low on food that I want to eat. Please don't take that to mean that I'm running out of food. There's plenty of food in my house...just none that is appetizing during a snow storm. Snow storms are for large quantities of pizza, beer, French toast with syrup, nachos, chips, chocolate, mac & cheese, cookies and brownies. Hmm, any themes emerge from that? Yup. Carbs...carbs, carbs, carbs. Comfort food.

In my case, I didn't really start with any of this in the house...except for the pizza. Instead, I had to get creative and cook for myself. I love cooking. Had the weather not been so bad, it would have been a great day for a one-pot meal in the dutch oven. But, alas, it was snow-storming and I had to make due with what was in the house. Poor, poor you'll soon see! I will venture out tomorrow and maybe stop at a grocery for provisions.

Since I'm not a 'play in the snow' kind of gal, I instead gave myself a pedicure while watching Sex in the City. The two seemed to go well together. Tonight, I gave myself a facial. Pampering...I love it, and it got me thinking of possibilities for my upcoming trip to see my family in Arizona. A Girls' Night with my mom and sister-in-law could be a lot of fun!

Time for skin care on a snowy day!

Which brings me 'round to a bit of gratitude. While most everyone (myself included) spent large quantities of the day bitching on Facebook about how cold it is, I'm grateful for the cold and the snow. Not only did it give me some additional time off work that I wanted and feel like I needed, but it's going to make the summer that much sweeter! I spent some time daydreaming about how luxurious the sun feels on my skin and how it feels like freedom to have it warm my face and shoulders. I smile just thinking of it and remembering the sensation.


steak strips, rice, mixed veggies
pizza, (bad) chicken fingers, and salad


eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast - all homemade!
flank steak, baby carrots, potatoes, mixed veggies

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