Monday, January 6, 2014

New office, new work-out schedule

Awesome Pawsome!! First day back to work after winter break and 2 snow days. I had a total of two weeks off...without using any vacation time. Jealous much? My office was moved over the break and we re-opened today in a new space. Today was a day of unpacking mostly and getting back into the mindset of being at work. Yeah, it was a rough day.

Maybe I'm just a little glass-half-full these days, but I think the new space is going to work out pretty well! I'm always amazed at space planners. I mean, I have no gift for it what so ever. I could NOT see how all of our "stuff" was going to fit into the new space. But it does, and quite well so far!

I've got a little bit more to set up, but should be all settled in by the end of the day tomorrow.

I'm also trying to get myself on a work-out schedule. I made a plan...and so far, I'm sticking to it. The plan for this week is:

Saturday: 6 miles running
Sunday: 3 miles running, 30 minutes weights/abs
Monday: 30 minutes running, Shred class
Tuesday: Boxing class, Shred class
Wednesday: off for some rest
Thursday: a new Bootcamp class
Friday: WOW class - I think it's Total Body Conditioning
Saturday: either Boxing or 90 Minute Bootcamp
Sunday: day off...then start over again with Monday's class!

Ambitious, but doable. And I'm 3 days in, so I'm, like, halfway there already. With a Spartan race coming up in about 4 weeks or so, this schedule should get me ready. Wish me luck and give me encouragement!


homemade waffles, fruit, and totally sucky sausages that got thrown away
 Mmmm, pizza from Utica, NY and REAL Buffalo chicken wings!!!!!!! Franco's Pizza is the BEST!
OMG!!! Cannoli from Florentine Bakery in Utica. THIS, my friends, is what cannoli should taste like. Mike's Pastry, take note.


yogurt and banana
cheese ravioli, "oriental" veggies, and berries
 leftover PIZZA!!!!!!!! and veggies

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