Friday, January 17, 2014

Pain in the ass

It's being interesting times...I've got a pain in the ass. And it's not a boyfriend! Of course, if it was, it'd be easier to deal with. No, I've got an actual pain in my ass. I fell at the gym the other night and landed smack with a big loud thud on my tailbone. OUCH!!

Actually, I'm lucky. It could have been a lot worse. My pride was hurt more than my ass. But seriously, what if it were worse? What if I needed to go to the hospital? What if I needed to miss work? Oh dear, that thought did actually cross my mind. I'd have been screwed. Not because I'd miss out on pay, but because I don't think I could complete my current tasks from home! I mean, needing medical attention would suck, but that's what insurance is for. That's why I pay some ungodly amount every month. So that when I need medical attention, I barely pay for it.

One more reason to be grateful for this job...and I shouldn't make it sound like I'm bitter or anything because I'm not. I enjoy my job. I enjoy the challenge of having a new position, of learning and growing, and of finding out who I am in this new role. There's quite a bit on my plate that I've never encountered before...some of it is more comfortable and some is more interesting than other parts. All of it is great experience though. As much as I like the challenge, part of me can't wait to get to the part where I know what I'm doing and stop questioning myself.


cereal and peaches
 chicken and dumplings with peas and carrots, mixed veggies, winter squash
chicken and dumplings with peas, carrots and noodles and mixed veggies


savory chicken, veggies, pear
 cute little diet coke!
salad and bread
roast pumpkin with yogurt and beef
Afghani vegetarian meal


fruit and yogurt
pasta fagioli, veggies and peaches

 pizza and salad

cereal and fruit
 BBQ chicken, squash and mixed veggies


egg rolls and crab rangoon
General Gau's chicken!


cereal and apple
pasta fagioli, cauliflower, and mixed veggies


cereal and peaches
savory chicken, squash and cauliflower
2.5 oz chicken and tons-o-veggies


cheese ravioli and veggies
salad and banana


pizza and veggies
mushroom risotto and veggies


cereal, banana and berries
savory chicken, veggies and fruit
BBQ chicken, veggies


yogurt, berries and banana
 office potluck
 mmmm, virgin pina colada!
scallion pancake
General Gau's chicken...or kitten as Olyver likes to say

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