Sunday, July 21, 2013

Too busy to post...

Wow! How on earth has so much time passed since I wrote? I guess I've been busy...busy working at Shakespeare on the Common, busy working, busy seeing my friends...busy. Busy, but eating very well. Not always healthy, but delicious. Actually, I've been so busy that I've fallen back into eating pizza all too often. My schedule will open up soon and I'll get back to the gym...and back to mostly veggies.

turkey chili with beans, corn, and mixed veggies
pizza from CPK!


mushroom risotto, broccoli, and mixed veggies
sundae from Ben & Jerry's


 steak strips, corn, and broccoli
 cheese ravioli and apple


cereal and grapes
 pasta fagioli, corn, mixed veggies, and peaches
salad with chicken and fruit from Whole Foods


cereal and peaches
 cheese ravioli, mixed veggies, and corn
Mmmm, big salad!


cereal, peaches, and banana
 savory chicken, corn, and mixed veggies
OMG! Awesome Greek salad from Tossed with chicken


cereal and banana
 big salad
toasted chicken sandwich


eggs, berries, and avocado - outdoor NYC dining!!
 Greek salad with chicken and hummus
 delicious street truck taco
 mushroom and barley soup
golubkis with mushroom gravy...I did not eat the potatoes


giant salad from Chelsea Market
 mango sorbet on the High Line
 gyoza and spicy tuna
steamed veggie goodness

my first taste EVER of Magnolia Bakery!


berries and Greek yogurt
 egg and ham on wheat
 pear and 2 50 calorie cheese snacks
 100 calorie salted dark chocolate from Dylan's Candy Bar
 pasta fagioli, corn and italian blend veggies
 buffalo chicken pizza
snackies at Shakespeare


fresh fruit
 straight from the ice cream truck at Simmons!
 cheese ravioli and fiesta veggies
 fruit snacks
broccoli, brown rice, and mandarin chicken


fresh fruit
 pasta fagioli, corn, and broccoli


cereal and fruit
 mushroom, corn, and fiesta veggies
 egg rolls and scallion pancakes
General Gau's Chicken, steamed veggies, and white rice


Oh My God Bar
 Cheese ravioli, cherries, corn, and fiesta veggies
buffalo pizza chicken pizza and salad


turkey, salami, and low fat swiss
 Mmm, berries!
salad, chicken, and cod

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