Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

My latest weigh-in and good news once again!!! By their scale, I lost 3.4 pounds, 2.5 by mine. What's most impressive? That I've lost a little over 18 pounds by both scales!!!

On top of all that...and even better, I've lost great amounts of inches!!!! I've been tracking them too, just not weekly. Since January 16th, I've lost:
  • 4.25 inches from my waist
  • 2.5 inches from my chest
  • 3.25 inches from my hips
It's like I'm the Incredible Shrinking Woman!

Yup. That's me...I drank the kool aid, or rather, the HMR shake!

Ya know, one of the things keeping me going is that I'm getting consistent results. I'm getting constant reminders that my actions are working, that I'm moving toward my target. Small wins along the way are maintaining my emotional buy in and keeping my elephant engaged. I like it when my elephant is engaged. Most things work just a little better when that happens.


multi-grain cereal
 veggie stew with beef, broccoli, cauliflower, and peaches
5 bean casserole with hot sauce and corn


hot cereal and peaches
 pasta fagioli and broccoli
mushroom risotto, broccoli and carrots


hot cereal and cherries
 veggie stew with beef and corn
mushroom risotto and veggie soup


hot cereal and cherries
 turkey chili and corn
cheese ravioli and broccoli


hot cereal and mixed berries
 homemade veggie soup
 blood orange
pasta fagioli and broccoli


hot cereal and mixed berries
 mushroom risotto and broccoli
fiesta blend veggies and cheese ravioli


hot cereal and raspberries
 5 bean casserole with hot sauce and garden salad
veggie stew with beef, broccoli and cauliflower

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