Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's a rough life...

OK, a little early for a weigh-in, tomorrow. But there's nothing wrong with putting up a post. You'll have to excuse my photos. My camera is trying to die and I took some of these with my phone. Dead food-camera. Hmm. It's really a small problem in comparison to the large problem I have! What's my problem you ask? Well, it's that my clothes don't fit! It's been so long that I was this size, that I no longer have any of the winter clothing that fit my skinny ass! OK, my ass isn't really skinny just yet, but my pants are too big nonetheless.

I know, I know. What a terrible terrible first world problem to have. It's such a terrible problem to have and it's made worse by all my friends, classmates, and co-workers noticing! They keep telling me that I look so thin and good. Really, I know that they're secretly judging me...poking fun at my baggy-in-the-ass and extra-room-in-the-hips pants! It's such a rough life I lead. In fact, it was so bad today that I ordered a new bikini, just to make myself go to the beach when it's warm enough. I know, a rough, rough life...


peaches for me!
 pepper snack in the T
 steak strips with cauliflower and spice peanut sauce
pasta fagioli with broccoli and green beans


cereal and peaches - I'm really trying to get away from the cereal and start bringing a shake to work to have instead
 mushroom risotto and butternut squash with cinnamon
cheese ravioli and crushed red pepper (perhaps my new favorite spice?) and mixed veggies


looks like the savory chicken entree with spicy peanut sauce and mixed veggies


 steak strips, mixed veggies and spicy peanut sauce
5 bean casserole with hot sauce and butternut squash with cinnamon


 cheese ravioli, broccoli, cauliflower, and strawberries
mushroom risotto and butternut squash


This was perhaps the BEST meal I've had in AGES!!!

I par-boiled the potato slices and then fried them with non-fat cooking spray with cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic and a little salt. HEAVEN, thy name is po-tat-Oh!
chicken creole entree with broccoli and cauliflower


fruit cup on the commuter rail...with my homework
 turkey chili with corn and a dollop of sour cream...strawberries for dessert
 fruit from Starbucks
 It is important to note that this is how I now eat when I go to restaurants.
mushroom risotto, back at home



Hmmm, I think this was the steak strips with spicy peanut sauce and veggies
cheese ravioli, spaghetti squash and broccoli


lunch salad with fruit
 turkey chili with spaghetti squash
pasta fagioli


  1. I just bought a new bikini too. When you go to the beach...take me with you :) Also, have not seen your skinny ass in ages-we must fix this!


    1. Perfect!! Singing Beach, here we come!! Perhaps a day trip to the Cape as well?