Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Latest weigh-in results

Ya know, some weeks I like my scale much better than the scale at Harvard Vanguard. This is one of those weeks. Ugh. I worked out like there was no tomorrow, enough for a whole extra pound!! And by their scale only lost 1.4 pounds. Like I said, I like my scale better. 3 pounds by my scale!!
OK, so, when the short term news is disappointing, what's a good idea? Yup. You guessed! Focus on the bigger picture! No matter who's scale is right, I've lost 20 pounds!!! (21.5 by my scale though...) It's like I'm in the home stretch or something!

Seriously though, what I don't get is why my numbers aren't higher during high activity weeks...Although, I have been stress eating over the last couple weeks. No doubt that that's throwing things off. Either way, My weight still went down. That's all that counts. Eye on the prize!



I think this is the day I skipped the cereal...
 ravioli and squashes
 carrots on the commute
mushroom risotto and mixed veggies


 Mmmmm, Thai Beef!!!

steak strips w/ spices, mixed veggies and cauliflower
 Eh, I didn't even eat the salad...
 Mmmm, berries
pasta fagioli and broccoli


cereal, cherries, banana
 Savory chicken with spicey Thai spices and mixed veggies
 carrots at HMR class
chicken pasta parmesean with some added Italian spices

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