Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vermont eats

I'm back from my sugar-fest....It may not appear to be so, but my weekend in Vermont was not really a sugar fest. It was, however, a weekend that did not really agree so well with my lower g.i. tract. By not agree with, I mean, didn't make a good poop. I go to Vermont once each year in the fall and it's one extreme or the other each time. And the sad thing is, is that the food is's all homemade at the B&B! It's not always the healthiest, and it's generally very rich. I make sure to supplement with plenty-o-snacks and coffee though.


BBQ burger from Friendly' ice cream though

Really, there was a salad for dinner...I guess I forgot to photograph it
Road wasn't all eaten on the drive,but none of these boys made it home.
 snack before getting on the road
nachos, breakfast of champions


What's missing?? The two more pieces of danish, the additional piece of coffee cake and the waffles with syrup.
 Did you ever notice that tomato soup and grilled cheese is about the best comfort food ever?? Yummy fall apple cider!! That's an oatmeal cookie with some sort of pudding...I say some sort because it looked like butterscotch, but tasted was sweet and creamy and yummy. I guess that's all that matters
Ham, potatoes, salad, zucchini and some bread


Turkey, stuffing, salad, bread and broccoli/cauliflower
SOUR SKITTLES!!!!!!!! and that's maple syrup propping up the is Vermont, after all.
 My boyfriends live here...
Quiche (apparently I'm not a big fan...), cottage cheese and tomatoes
Just one baby pancake with some eggy-weggs and sausage
 Jelly donut
A sticky little piece of honey dipped and yeasty heaven....I picked this up at a nearby 'general store'. Some woman makes them in her kitchen and delivers them each morning. Seriously, it's a homegrown set up. If I saw the same set up somewhere else, I'd be wary and wouldn't dare eat it!


Pre-breakfast snack with coffee (we weren't far from Woodstock, VT)
Woodstock brand granola, plain yogurt, fruit and cheddar cheese stick
Chocolate donut covered in coconut and apple-n-spice
Foxtown Coffee Shop burger and fries in Shelburne Falls, MA

There was a big salad from Whole Foods with chicken added for photo, sorry.

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