Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On the other side

So, I'm still not sure what's going on...but something's coming.

Anyway, I have noticed a marked improvement in my mood and ability to deal with crap since getting back on my vitamins. I'm not really surprised. I mean, I know how food affects my mood and daily satisfaction with life, why wouldn't vitamins. It's part of a whole nutrition thing!

And speaking of a whole nutrition thing...this book for school, with the Rider and the Elephant...they use an example of being healthier and how we need more specific instruction than just 'be healthier' to achieve some amount of success. While I agree, I also think that we need to implement a whole host of changes. Ok, most of us need to implement a whole host of changes.

When I first started on my journey to 'be healthier', I was starting from 0. This is over 5 years ago...I ate carbs and fat almost exclusively and did not exercise at all. I sat on my couch and watched TV. I can't imagine living that life today! I needed to radically alter my diet and start to exercise. I remember thinking what a chore it was going to be to have to go to the gym and eat healthy every day for the rest of my life! Well, I had it all wrong...

You all know that I don't get it 'right everyday, but I know that I wouldn't have it any other way. It's amazing how something I dreaded has become something that I love, something I look forward to. It's amazing how a change looks once you're on the other side.


Coconut 7 layer bar...from my boyfriends Ben and Jerry!
 Yasai Yaki Soba...if I spelled that's from Wagamama!
 Calamari from Wagamama!!
 Salad and soup for lunch--beef barley
Standard regular breakfast


I remember this night....I was sooooo hungry, hadn't eaten all day. I gave in and didn't have any veggies, just homemade lasagna (thanks to my mom for the tomato sauce!!!)
 An apple a day...keeps the homework at bay?


The Cuban Reuben from the Sunset Grill...another date night dinner!! I only ate 1/2 of the sandwich
Panera!! I didn't eat the trail mix though.


A little at my desk dinner...while writing the paper that kept me from writing this blog
 fruitful snack...with my homework
 Lunch salad with flax pita
no surprises breakfast


egg and cheese on a wheat english muffin with melon

pizza and salad...that's a little Italian dressing on the side there

I left my camera on my desk this night...for dinner, there was a chicken breast, couscous, and steamed broccoli...ben and jerry's (full pint) and nachos


nachos...and a pint of ben and jerry's
 salad for dinner
 salad and pizza
 so, I did eat some of the trail mix today
Uncle Sam cereal, egg and berries


  1. Things must be going well with the cop! ;) What is in the coconut 7-layer bar?! It looks amazing.

  2. Whoa. It's been awhile since I've checked on this site. Missing you and YOU'RE MAKING ME HUNGRY!