Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rice leads to gratitude

It's such a rough life I lead. No, really, it is. I was hungry today when I woke up. You know what happened? Waffles and bacon and fresh fruit appeared on my plate as if by magic. Hours later, I was hungry again. And just like earlier in the day, a satisfying meal of cheesy beans, rice, corn, and avocado was soon on my plate waiting for me to eat it.

OK, so maybe it's not such a rough life. I mean, I was hungry, and lo and behold, I had plenty of food to consume, including those delicious fresh berries. As I was making dinner tonight, I jokingly wondered how it was possible that I lived 40 years without a rice maker! Seriously. Yeah, rough time being me. Seriously, worldwide, rice is the most consumed staple food for humans. And let's face it, humans are freaking everywhere, making rice a pretty big deal! It's no wonder that a small kitchen appliance was invented solely to cook it.

How is it then, that I did not have a rice cooker until recently? Well, rice hasn't been a staple of my diet my whole life...still isn't. But, WOW! does rice taste good! Anyhow, when I thought about rice cookers and how rice truly feeds the world, all 7 billion of us...give a take a family or two, and then I thought about how the existence of rice cookers assumes a wealthy society, I realized what a truly difficult life I lead. I had fresh summer fruits all winter long, and some families subsist on rice alone for days on end. They do this without a rice cooker, or the electricity needed to fuel the rice cooker. To them, the rice cooker would only be a pot for water, the electrical cord acting as a string to hang it by.

Ultimately, I'm grateful for the life I lead. I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, clean water, heat, nice fact, I have so much clothing that I can afford to use some of it for specific purposes or seasons only. Shoes, well, same thing, some of them are only for specific purposes. On top of all that stuff, I have a job that I enjoy, friends who I love, and a kitty who I adore. I'm a truly lucky individual, I even have a rice cooker that I don't want to live without.


homemade waffles...with a little cardamom kick!
bacon and fresh fruit
cheesy rice and beans with corn, onions and avocado

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