Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Pit of Despair

I've thought of many topics to write on over the past week or so. And I can't think of all them now...there's much and nothing going on these days. Most of my time these past several weeks is filled with work; busy days and long hours. Some days, I'm at the end of my wits. My efforts over the years seem to be paying off though! A few days ago, my promotion was announced. It can only get interesting from here!

Although work has dominated my life for the past several weeks, it is not the only thing...I've been working through my hip injury, going to PT once a week. Volunteering at Shakespeare saved me from further injury since it kept me out of the gym! I was given clearance to slowly work up to 1 hour on the elliptical, and now I'm OK to run 10 minutes on the treadmill!! I assume this means that I can slowly work up to more time? Having not run in months, 10 minutes was hard enough! I'll get there though!

Today, against advice and better judgement, I participated in a Spartan Sprint. 3.5 miles of trail running and obstacles. I couldn't finish most of the obstacles. Shit, I couldn't even run most of the trails! Instead, I did what I could and tried to prevent further injury. Today was about finishing, about completing at least one goal that I set for myself. That much I did. There were many times I wanted to give up. Many times I wanted to walk away. One of the final obstacles was a shallow mud pit, full of rocks and gravel, with barbed wire strung above it. I'm calling it the Pit of Despair. We had to crawl and roll through the mud under the barbed wire...not fun. After 50 yards or so of that, there was a wall topped with more barbed wire. In order to go under the wall, you had to go under water. I ended up with a mouthful of dirt and grit. I have NO idea how that happened. I certainly did not open my mouth and invite it in! For the final obstacle, I leaped over a pit of fire!

When I returned home, I wrung the mud out of my clothes and fell asleep on the couch.


banana and yogurt
 pizza and salad
 pork gyoza
 Shabu fixins!
beef for shabu


fruit, yogurt, and CAFFEINE!!!
 veggies and cheese ravioli
savory chicken, corn and cauliflower


fruit and peach muffin

pasta fagioli, corn, and mixed veggies


eggs with cheese, potatoes, bacon, English muffin, and fruit
 scallion pancakes
 Peking duck...not mine, but this is important - it's going to be breakfast and it was Oh! So delicious!
 General Gao's Chicken - I don't know who General Gao was, but I ♥ his chicken!
steamed veggies


lobster dinner with salad and salt potatoes!
Boston cream pie cake and ice cream


cheese ravioli, veggies and berries
spicy tuna sushi and chocolate cake


I finally found plain Greek yogurt that I can enjoy!
savory chicken, veggies, and berries

I probably had ice cream for dinner.


Greek yogurt, berries, and chocolate muffin
salad, chicken, stuffed grape leaves, roll, and dessert


cereal and peaches
 mushroom risotto, veggies, and berries
veggie stew, salt potatoes, and corn


Greek yogurt and berries
 pasta fagioli, veggies, and peaches
frozen pizza


Post-Spartan Race vittles...brownie sundae
 Korean steak tacos with garlic jasmine rice
salad with honey mustard

for breakfast, I had berries and yogurt (Shocker!), and leftover pizza for dinner

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