Monday, June 24, 2013

I'll try

I don't seem to be taking off any of this weight...rather, I don't seem willing to do what it takes to remove this weight. That really is all that it boils down to.  According to Webster, willingness is the cheerful readiness to do something. Sure it is. But where on earth does willingness come from? Some say that willingness is similar to saying 'I'll try', that it comes from the belief that all is not hopeless. OK. I can get with that. So, I'll try to eat on my plan and make a better effort to exercise (now that I know I can do the elliptical without doing further injury, that is). All hope is not lost! And since I believe that, I have willingness!

I am willing, no, I'll try to avoid pastries, and ice cream, and cake, and...


cereal and peaches
 1/2 turkey sammy, fruit, a little pasta and a cookie!
turkey chili, corn, and potatoes with tomato and avocado salad


 beef stroganoff, broccoli, and berries
 cookies at afternoon tea
cheese ravioli, broccoli, and fiesta blend veggies

cereal and berries
 mini cannoli
 mushroom risotto, corn, and broccoli
 cuke and tomato salad
roast beef w/ cream cheese and orange bundt cake


cereal and berries
 savory chicken with spicy peanut sauce, fiesta veggies, and peaches
Greek salad, black bean soup and bread


peaches and berries
pizza and salad

 chocolate coconut non-dairy ice cream
salad and spicy tuna multi-grain sushi


 farmer's lunch sandwich - baguette, apple, lettuce, pickled tomatoes, cheddar cheese and mayo
 vanilla ice cream, mango, raspberries, and whipped cream

big salad with chicken


cheese ravioli and broccoli
 Tacos and a Raspberry No-jito mocktail
Boston cream pie cake with vanilla fro-yo


fruit and veggie assortment
 chickpea fritter from the Clover truck
repeat of the cake

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