Saturday, June 21, 2014

Walking without a limp

So, I'm trying to write a blog entry...and my mind is so clouded that I'm having trouble. It's been quite an interesting week...
  • started physical therapy
  • a technology guy lying on the floor during my presentation
  • experienced a pretty significant change in a long-term relationship
  • fought my own negative self-talk about many various and sundry insecurities (yeah, lots)
  • 4 am messages from a psychotic woman who I've never met
  • cried in front of my boss
  • found acceptance around the fact that I will not be running my 10K at the end of the month
  • rearranged my priorities so many times that I no longer know what's on my To Do list
  • partook in much emotional eating to find the aforementioned acceptance
  • worked far too many hours and slept far too few
Ultimately, I managed not to yell at anyone for any reason. A miracle in and of itself. And THEN, the most magical thing happened tonight. I walked without a limp for the first time in over a week! (For those of you who don't know, I tore a muscle in my calf. And thus, the physical therapy) After this week, it's the little things. Like walking.


breakfast at Panera with fruit from home
 Yeah, I don't even remember what I put into this stir-fry


savory chicken, veggies and fruit
burger and potatoe salad!


BBQ chicken, veggies and fruit


consolation ice cream
mozzarella wrap, pasta salad, and cookies


firehouse salad and fries


creole chicken, corn, yellow squash, and mixed veggies

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