Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back in the saddle

Here I am...back in the saddle. Work. School. Homework. Friends. Trying to do what needs to be done and maintain my sanity in the process. It may be time to lay off the caffeine...As I was sitting in class tonight, vibrating, there was this overwhelming sense of being overwhelmed that can only be described as 'What the FUCK did I get myself into!!??' You may call it anxiety, but I like the four letter words better. On the plus side, the caffeine doesn't seem to keep me awake. I wonder if there's a 12 step program to break the caffeine cycle? You know, the one where being upright = caffeinated and lying down = asleep.

As it so happens, I fully plan on catching up on some sleep this weekend. For those of you who don't know, I will be basking in the glorious warmth and sunshine on an Aruban beach. This is my vacation from vacation, my little bit of peace before full swing becomes full fucking swing.

So the real question that I'm sure is running through your mind is what am I doing about the palatable stress that has me feeling such anxiety?? Well, the short answer is that I'm running away to Aruba for 4 days. Beyond that, I've meditated one time and had some great sharing with friends. It has not been enough to counteract the working long hours, attending meeting after meeting and allowing the papers on my desk to accumulate. I guess I'm still searching for a solution. My positive message? I am focused on a solution. I'm not stagnating in anxiety.

What is surprising, is that I'm feeling this out of sorts two weeks into classes. I know it will normalize. I will find my groove. Of that, I am confident! Besides, only 232 days to go!!

Yup, chocolate cheesecake with frosting pumpkins for breakfast. Don't judge me.
 nachos for lunch...I'm guessing that I didn't have any food in the house?
Ah! Broccoli!!!!! Chicken tikka masala with peas and corn and daal makhani


Hmmm, I may have forgotten to eat, because this would be the salad that I took for lunch with some leftover pasta.


I'm done with plain Greek yogurt...I think I may officially put it on my dislike list. 
 salad in the sun with buffalo chicken pizza
nachos for dinner...with meat and beans and salsa!


breakfast on the go
 Pizza, I love you!
 pistachio muffin and coffee in class
leftover Indian food


Macrina bakery granola and a chocolate muffin...does breakfast get any closer to perfection?
 carnitas burrito
And there's the giant salad!

yogurt, granola and cinnamon bun
 Thai noodle bowl, a new choice in our cafeteria
Do you think I like pizza?


I think I like nachos too!
 Salad with berries and cashews and the best raspberry vinaigrette I've ever tasted! I need that recipe.
pasta with cream sauce, chicken and broccoli


Cheeseboy classic!
 sausage with peppers and onions...guess where I am!
popcorn...looks like a football field?

pork, rice & beans and plantains from Trader Joe's


the leftover pork and rice with broccoli and green beans
OMG!!! I had been craving General Tsao chicken for days!!


cinnamon twist and yogurt
 ham sammy and cookies in one of my marathon meetings.

At least there was catering.
Pizza!!!!!! and salad before class


berries and yogurt
 pizza and salad
nacho night cap

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