Friday, February 24, 2012

Photo'll see...

So, this is the part where I apologize for not posting. Well, I've been a little busy. On top of school and work, I've decided to jump back into the dating pool and have been going out and meeting some pretty amazing guys. You'll see the food...

Dating has added it's own challenges to my life. Ups and downs...and tight schedules!! I'm having fun though, and isn't that how it should be?? I've met some guys that I'd like to get to know better and some that I don't want to see again. I think that's pretty normal though. I mean, we can't all like everyone! I've even met some guys who don't want to see me again. Imagine that! Impossible!! But yes, it's true. Some eliminate me, I eliminate some. Either way, I'm having fun and I've met some high quality guys.

Breakfast pizza, oatmeal and fruit...I couldn't resist. It's pizza, for breakfast!
 salad and minestrone soup
fried calamari at Wagamama, I think I forgot to photograph my entree, but I believe it was some vegetarian noodle dish with fried tofu

big salad...looks like it's from the salad bar at Shaw's

eggs with cheese and salsa and toast with raspberry jam

 2/5/12--Super Bowl Sunday

eggs with cheese and salsa, berries and toast with jam
 Sunday Chicken Dinner!!
Red Velvet Cake---homemade butter cream frosting!!!! OK, so just assume that I ate it until it was gone...even if there are no photos


yogurt, berries, egg and oatmeal for breakfast
 fairly normal lunch salad
 mixed greens salad and fresh bread at Henrietta's Table
 At Henrietta's Table, I invoked the Duck Clause...when it's on the menu, always order the duck!
The chocolat bread die for!!


Hmmm, this seems to be my normal weekend breakfast these days...
 Cake for lunch!
Chicken, broccoli and dill potatoes


blueberry muffin
 salad with ham and turkey panini
Pizzeria Regina's brought over by a great new guy--tomatoes, basil and ricotta


eggs, a little potatoes, fruit
 salad and homemade soup
salad and pizza---this is, I think, the one time I strayed from the rule about no cafeteria pizza


double chocolate could I resist?? eggs with some stuff in them...tater tots and fruit
 salad and yogurt--I'm looking to greek yogurt more and more for protein
It's not delivery, it's Di Giorno!


Panera!! The new Mediterranean breakfast sandwich, fruit and cappuccino 

 pork gyoza
 Sashimi!! hmmm, there's Hawaiian Kanpachi, yellowtail and sea bass??

Another great date night!!
Sushi rolls!! Mine were the spicy salmon and the white seaweed with tuna


Study break lunch with a class mate...some beef kofta thing with rice, beans, lentils and salad---so yummy and getting me excited for my trip to the Middle East!!
Great dinner and great company at the Washington Square Tavern!


eggs, potatoes and fruit
 salad, mushroom barley soup and grapes
Pizza and salad from the shop next door


eggs with hot sauce, tots, fruit and chocolate chip muffin
 chocolate love donut
salad and chili with cheese


breakfast power sandwich, fruit and cappuccino
 garden salad and Mediterranean veggie sandwich
 Another great sushi date!  Look familiar??
 yummy rolls
This one was had truffle oil and flakes. Good, but I'm not going to go out of my way to order it again...


eggs with cheese, oatmeal and fruit
 salad from Fresh City
Pizza and salad from next door


eggs, granola cereal, milk and an apple--I may not have eaten the apple after all...
 salad and mushroom barley soup from Fresh City--our cafeteria is under all sorts of extra precautions against Norovirus...we don't have a salad bar until further notice and there is no self-serve anything. Everything is pre-packaged. It forces me to go elsewhere for lunch, which is good.
There's a buffalo chicken wrap in there...and a mango smoothy


Must be the weekend!! Eggs with cheese and salsa, toast with jam

 Another great night out...

mixed greens with jicama

carne asada and a chicken burrito with mole from Casa Romero

There was ice cream after...


 yogurt, candy and fruit---lunch of champions
greek salad at the Aegean Seafood Restaurant

 lamb with gravy---a great night out classmates!


Salad with kale and sausage soup, chocolate cake!


eggs, yogurt, oatmeal and fruit

clearly, I forgot to photograph some food. I've been a little busy lately between work, school and dating.


brownie, berries and yogurt
Firehouse salad from Thornton's in the Fenway...OMG!!!! It only took three years, but they're back open after the fire!!!!

I'm not sure if I skipped dinner or forgot to photograph it


fruit, egg and cheese sandwich--I didn't eat the yogurt
 turkey on whole grain with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and cukes, a little mayo and spicy mustard---minestrone soup and fruit
a french toast muffin and coffee for dinner...


I forgot to photograph breakfast but I had a jelly donut, a banana and melon

salad (I ate 1/2) and sushi!!

I'm saving dinner for a separate post...I'm going somewhere where I can wear my new black cocktail dress....I don't know what the restaurant is, but I'm sure it's worthy of it's own post!!

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