Thursday, February 2, 2012

All caught up!

Whew! Winding down on the catching up...

Today was my first day back to the fighting gym since school started. I was way out of my league!! We were kicking each other...not pads, EACH OTHER! I've got a pretty massive bruise behind my knee from where I was getting kicked. Well, this is the kind of stuff I want to learn how to do...and you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs! If I'm going to continue this, I anticipate more bruising...


eggs, potatoes, oatmeal and fruit
 Salad with pesto pasta, beets and an egg, chile
Salad with fried chicken from Pizzeria Uno's


eggs, potatoes and fruit
 salad with chicken soup
 turkey and swiss


breakfast at Starbucks
 salad and chicken noodle soup
pound cake and coffee...

I skipped dinner this night


egg and cheese on an English muffin with fruit
 salad with mushroom barley soup
mango curry with brown rice

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